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CHAINSAW MAN - DENJI Youtooz Vinyl Figure #0 (BRAND NEW) + Protector - SEALED!

CHAINSAW MAN - DENJI Youtooz Vinyl Figure #0 (BRAND NEW) + Protector - SEALED!

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BRAND NEW & FACTORY SEALED Inside plastic protector issued directly from YouTooz.



Denji has ripped his pull cord to send chainsaws flying from his limbs and head to land at Youtooz for his latest Devil prey! Standing poised and ready to battle at 4.6 inches tall, nothing will get in the way of his dream, to tou... I mean kis… TO TAKE DOWN THE GUN DEVIL! Two bloody Chainsaws explode from his forearms while the third whirls from his metallic orange and black head, its large pointed teeth splitting only to let out a wicked curling red tongue. Dressed in the standard public security uniform of a white button up shirt with black tie and pants, his white and red kicks add a little flair of Denji to the look. The exterior of his packaging is a vibrant orange stamped with kanji and splattered in a toxic green spray which also covers the bright yellow interior.

- Ships in original cardboard box from YouTooz with protector inside. Ships from USA via USPS Shipping.

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