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DETROID - Fun Debt Payoff Chart (PDF Digital Printable Sheet) - Print Out and Get Immediately - Video Game Parody Chart

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Are you ready to pay off your debt with your favorite intergalactic bounty hunter? Take your total debt that you have, divide it by 100 and make your way off the planet. Color in each box as you pay it off and get ready to play DETROID.

Included here is a digital PDF chart that you can print on your own computer. You will receive the digital file that you can print out as many times as you like, but I ask that you please do not share the file with others as this disrupts my business model. If you like my charts and my art, then please support my own personal debt pay off journey as you work on yours ^_^.

If you have any suggestions, requests or ideas feel free to send them our way :).

You will receive a fully colored version of the chart. If you would prefer a black and white coloring-book style sheet, please let me know.