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DONUT CAT - Sweet Treats Mystery Egg (NEW, 2022) Online Aphmau Kitty Plush!

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This is an authentic MeeMeows Mystery Plush from the "Sweet Treats" collection, released by Aphmau, the YouTube streamer sensation in 2022. You will receive ONE of the plushies in the series. Package will be opened to confirm the proper toy is sent, but the plush itself is unused and BRAND NEW.

Everything will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard package and will include the following:

* The plush cat toy itself (NEW and Unused)

* The "Sweet Treats" styled Mystery Cat Egg. This is a hard-shelled package that the plush comes in. They're often miscolored, have markings from the plastic bands that kept them shut, but they're still very cute and extremely sturdy. They're also a little hard to open when closed depending on the series.

* The paper checklist sheet / poster inside

We ship from the USA, so you can expect to typically receive your items in 2-3 days for contintental American buyers.