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MUJI 2022 Monthly Weekly Yearly Planner RED (B5 Size / Largest) - USA Seller

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BRAND NEW 2022 Edition (Starts with December 2021)

[Largest of all the Muji 2022 Monthly / Weekly / Yearly Planners]

This is the latest version of the worldwide favorite MUJI Planners. In case you don't know why these are so special, they're incredibly useful for: planning, record keeping, journaling, budgeting and more. The outside is a sturdy resin material and the journal pages include multiple styles of calendars (Monthly, Weekly and Yearly) as well as Japanese style grid calendars. Each page on the weekly calendars includes a full page on the opposite side of gridded graph paper which is perfect for sketching, note-taking, stickers, etc.

Cover is: RED


SKU# 40923625849022

MATERIAL BINDING: Paper, Vinyl Chloride Resin Bind

COVER DIMENSIONS: B5: 26.4 cm x 8.7 cm (10.39" x 7.36")

SHEETS: 88 Sheets / 176 Pages

MONTHLY SCHEDULE: A scheduler made with a flat binding with a monthly spread layout. Begins on a Monday, Dec. 2021 and ends on January 2023.
PAGE LAYOUT: PAGE LAYOUT: 3 Yearly Calendar Yearly, Monthly & Weekly
Planner Grid Memos


These sell out every year! Get yours before they're all gone and start organizing your year from the get-go!

Ships in bubble mailer with extra bubble wrap to further support the planner. Sent from USA so you'll get it FAST ^_^.