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Xenogears (Sony PSX, Playstation 1) Black Label - Good Condition

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This is truly one of the BEST RPG GAMES OF ALL TIME. I wouldn't bold and all CAPS that if it wasn't true. It's that good!

Here is a Black Label, original release of this Sony PlayStation Masterpiece. You get the original case, the two discs (both black label). The first disc does have some scratches (see photo) but plays great and the second disc is in Excellent condition. Please note that there is no manual included.

PS: You can tell the difference in Black Label discs as they feature character/mech art on them. The "Greatest Hits" editions have a pure white label with text only.

This game will play in any Sony PlayStation 1 (PSX), any PS2 or PS3 capable of playing US/NTSC games. This is a USA copy of the game and is 100% authentic.