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SUSHI ERASERS Gacha Capsule Collection Figure Vol. 2 - Fun Box

SUSHI ERASERS Gacha Capsule Collection Figure Vol. 2 - Fun Box

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SUSHI ERASERS Gacha Capsule Collection Figure Vol. 2 (NEW) * 1 RANDOM FIGURE! *

* This product is a capsule toy product. You will receive ONE figure and capsule unless specified otherwise. All of our toys and figures are authentic, genuine, Japanese capsules ordered directly from Japan. You may receive duplicates when ordering more than one, as there is no guarantee you'll receive any particular figure or toy.

Attention all lovers of sushi worldwide! These adorable little sushi erasers come in little pieces and are stackable and work as real erasers as well! Stylish, cute and also practical ^_^.

Designed to fit 48mm capsules, this non-edible assorted set of sushi erasers features many of your customers' favorite dishes — with and without a side of green tea — including: Tuna, Salmon Roe, Shrimp, Squid, and Sea urchin. Half of them also include small little eraser cups of green tea and miniature plates.

Release Year: 2022
Variations: 12 in Total (You will receive one per order)
Target Age: 6 years or older

* Please Note that while the toys are sealed/unopened and new, they may contain factory painting errors, minor chips or imperfections. This is just the nature of Gacha capsules. We will be sure to pack them very carefully with adequate support and padding to protect them in the mail.
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