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IWAKO Mini Erasers from Japan (Random Design)

IWAKO Mini Erasers from Japan (Random Design)

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You will receive ONE FREE eraser unless specified otherwise. All of our toys and figures are authentic, genuine, Japanese items ordered directly from Japan. You may receive duplicates when ordering more than one, as there is no guarantee you'll receive any particular figure or toy.

Attention all lovers of sushi worldwide! These adorable little Japanese erasers are s tylish, cute and also practical ^_^. Please note that the designs shown are examples only. Yours very well could be different than what is shown.

You will receive a random design. It could be a little dinosaur, vehicle, food item, animal or something completely random (like a Japanese mountain). Not knowing what you'll get is half the fun!

If you add more than one free eraser to your cart, you'll still only receive one. Please save some for the others ^_^ Thanks for understanding.

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