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KIRBY WITH STAR - KIRBY'S DREAM LAND Gashapon Sitting Plush Mascot (NEW) USA

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This is an authentic Kirby Gashapon plush ordered directly from Japan. You will receive ONE of the plush keychains in the series. Each plush toy is about 55mm tall (2.17 inches). You'll receive the following character:
* Kirby With Star

Everything will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard package and unlike many other sellers, we will include all of the original Gashapon plastic capsules (unopened). If you're interested in buying a complete set, please check our other items as it's very possible we still have them in stock. You'll typically save money too as shipping bulk orders is cheaper than ordering each of them one-by-one.

We ship from the USA, so you can expect to typically receive your items in 2-3 days for contintental American buyers. Compare this to international sellers and you will get them much, much faster.

All of our items are imported from Japan originally, but we ship from the USA for your convenience. Our items are 100% Genuine / Authentic Gashapon items.