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MY DRESS UP DARLING - Rubber Character Chains Gashapon Figures (NEW) 1 RANDOM CAPSULE

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These awesome Rubber Character Gashapon from BanDai feature the main characters from "My Dress Up Darling" (Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru). By ordering this way, you will ONE RANDOM rubber character variation shown in the titles and photos. We cannot guarantee that you'll get any one particular figure, but we will do our best not to send you duplicates if you buy more than one. There are 9 figures in total but you will receive just ONE with this listing (unless you buy multiple).

Save a trip to Japan and get your item shipped directly from the USA to you quickly (for the record going to Japan is completely awesome and we highly recommend you do so at some point in your life, still). 

Ships in sturdy cardboard packaging with bubble wrap for additional shipping support via USPS Ground Advantage Mail to all USA Buyers.