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MY MELODY + Gashapon Capsule (NEW) Sanrio Let's Act Like Ghosts Figure

MY MELODY + Gashapon Capsule (NEW) Sanrio Let's Act Like Ghosts Figure

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This is an awesome Halloween Sanrio / Hello Kittty Gashapon featuring your favorite characters dressing up for Halloween. Normally, the character you get is completely random as are most Gashapon, but we like to give you the option of getting the exact character you like. We buy our figures directly from Japan, so you can feel confident that it is genuine.

In this case you will receive the character shown in the first picture as well as the Gashapon Egg Capsule in the color shown in the second picture. The last picture is for reference of the whole set and the vibe that the collection has. You will receive only ONE Capsule and Toy figure unless you choose to bundle others along with this one for an additional charge.

Ships with original Gashapon capsule and 1 figure. We will pack the Gashapon ball with bubble wrap and mail the entire package in a sturdy cardboard box for safe keeping.

In order to get shipping costs waived, please meet the minimum spend requirements which should be posted on this listing page or on our store's main page. Thanks ^_^.

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