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SNOOPY's Vintage Writing Room - Re-Ment Figure Blind Box (BRAND NEW) USA Seller!

SNOOPY's Vintage Writing Room - Re-Ment Figure Blind Box (BRAND NEW) USA Seller!

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* ONE Snoopy's Vintage Writing Room Blind Box from Re-Ment

You will receive ONE random collectible miniature blind box from Re-Ment. This is from an out-of-print style from 2021 and is no longer sold in stores. The poster showing the full collection is for reference only. You will not receive a full set with this listing. You will receive a single box (unopened). Box may have minor imperfections from shelf-wear.

Product Features

  • A highly-detailed collectible miniature from the Peanuts / Snoopy series
  • The series has a total of 6 miniature designs (you will receive ONE figure)
  • This is a miniature collectible not recommended for small children
  • Original & licensed Peanuts product. Manufactured by Re-Ment

You will receive ONE of the following sets:

  1. Favorite Desk: A cozy desk where Snoopy spends time writing and creating.
  2. Be Sure to Collect Information: Perhaps Snoopy is researching his next big scoop!
  3. A Book Filled with Memories: Snoopy’s vintage bookshelf holds cherished memories.
  4. Proud Typewriter: An old-school typewriter, perfect for composing stories.
  5. I Wrote the Reply by Hand: Snoopy’s handwritten letters add a personal touch.
  6. Make an Appointment by Phone: Snoopy’s vintage black telephone—classic communication!
  7. Promised Time: A clock reminds Snoopy of deadlines and appointments.
  8. Blissful Coffee Time: Snoopy enjoys a cup of coffee while contemplating life.
Please note that not every set includes a Snoopy figure.

The box will be bubble wrapped and shipped in another sturdy cardboard package to protect it. Shipping will be done via USPS First Class for all USA Buyers. These are authentic figures ordered directly from Japan. Chewing gum may be removed from package for safety purposes.

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